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We represent you a fine tent - Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Tent – foreseen for those people, who are trying to find a comfortable and convenient one-person tent for their backpacking trips. This great tent can be described as having a single pole or hub style. You can easily put up the tent, and then put it down with the same ease, thanks to its style and the DAC twist clips that are responsible for attaching the tent body to the pole frame. Besides, the tent is designed with a single door, vestibule, mesh pocket being placed above the head, reflective guyline and reflective webbing providing visibility at night. Moreover, all the seams are taped, thus providing waterproof features for the tent (they are taped with solvent-free polyurethane). One should also know that the footprint of the tent is sold separately. As for the tent stakes, there are 11 extremely lightweight J stakes. Your gear can easily be stored in the gear loft included: the triangle gear loft of the tent is sold separately. Now, let's look at the weight and size offered by the tent. So, the trail weight is 1lb 14oz. When packed, the tent weighs 2lb 3oz. The tent footprint weighs 4oz., and the fast fly weighs 1lb 6oz. As for the size, when packed, the tent size is 5"x19". The area of the floor is 22 sq ft., and that of the vestibule is 5.5 sq ft. The head height is 38", and the foot height is 22". Before you reach your final decision, we highly recommend you to go through the below mentioned both positive and negative opinions expressed by the customers, who have already exercised this tent, and have shared their impressions with us. First of all, let's see what positive viewpoints they have. So, the tent is very easy and simple to install. It offers free-standing stability, spaciousness even for a person being 6ft. tall. The nylon wall perfectly keeps you away from the night breeze, but of course, provides excellent ventilation. You will be able to change your clothes even under the tent, for you can easily leave the door face back. Another great feature to be mentioned about the tent is that it's extremely lightweight which is so important for its carriage. Well, the buyers also appreciate the clip design of the tent, which allows you to attach the fly to the tent and the groundcloth. It is possible to place a blow-up Coleman twin mattress into the tent, and still have room for one's stuff. Moreover, the tent material is greatly durable and strong, and the poles are perfectly sturdy. As one of the users says, he has been using the tent for already the second season, and it seems as if he has just bought it. Another customer states he has stayed in the tent during Hurricane Irene, and has had no worries or discomfort at all. To conclude, let's pay attention to some negative reviews about the tent. A customer says it would be great to have a bit more space and more mesh pockets in the tent. Another user says that the inner stash hammock must be ordered separately; you may be cold and may need some rain jacket to sleep in it for without the stakes it blows around you, and you may also have some cold air above your head. One of the users has had some problems with the tent standing, and he thinks you'll have to stake it because the tent isn't really a free-standing one.  

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