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Introducing the North Face Assault 2 Tent, the ultimate choice for your adventurous alpine expeditions. This exceptional tent is designed to provide unparalleled protection and ensure your safety in any location and under any circumstances. Let's delve into the detailed specifications of this remarkable tent. One notable feature of the Assault 2 Tent is its versatility. For lightweight travel, you have the option to remove the vestibule, which is silicon-coated, poled, and equipped with perimeter snowflaps, a vent, and a window. Compared to the North Face VE-25, commonly used for summit assaults, the Assault 2 is significantly lighter. This tent utilizes DryWall™, a highly breathable and cutting-edge fabric renowned for its exceptional tear resistance. In fact, it boasts the highest tear strength among all North Face tents. The DryWall fabric also imparts remarkable lightweight qualities to the tent while eliminating the need for a polyurethane coating, which could compromise tear strength and breathability. The Assault 2 is designed with a drop door featuring an upper mesh vent, ensuring the tent remains dry in all weather conditions. The taped and seam tensioned bathtub floor offers ample space and usable angles beneath the tent. With a 3000mm polyurethane coating, the floor provides excellent waterproof resistance. Internal gear loft, hang loops, and continuous loop sleeves contribute to the tent's structural integrity. The DAC Featherlite® NSL poles effortlessly slide through, and the tent is equipped with reflective and no-stretch guylines, luminous guyline loops, and zipper pulls, making it easy to use even in the dark. Additionally, the tent includes DAC stakes with pull-cords and four fabric snow stakes. The North Face Summit Series™ gear is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Now, let's explore some important feedback from our customers, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the Assault 2 Tent. Customers rave about the ease of pitching and taking down the tent, as well as the inclusion of four snow or sand anchors. The tent's super lightweight quality is greatly appreciated, weighing only 5 pounds. Some customers note that leaving the vestibule behind reduces weight, particularly when camping solo. Users have reported feeling exceptionally safe and warm even during windy mountain conditions. Minimal condensation, a helpful vestibule for organizing gear, and the backside vent serving as a convenient window are additional positive features mentioned. Lastly, users express admiration for the tent's aesthetics. Overall, the North Face Assault 2 Tent is a top choice for alpine adventures, offering remarkable features and impressive feedback from satisfied customers.

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