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Those who are going out for some camping, with nobody else to accompany them, or if they need a single-person tent for some other reasons, should, by all means, have a look at the Eureka Solitaire tent, which is manufactured for this very reason. Well, let's try to pay attention to the most important and significant features of this nice tent. The tent is so much praised for its unbelievably lightweight design (the weight is 2 pounds, 9 ounces), for being so comfortable and compact, being foreseen for 3 seasons, and for many other advantages. Moreover, the Eureka Solitaire is designed with a large mesh roof that is just perfect for providing ventilation, and for admiring the beauty of the night sky whenever you wish. The roof is attached to the tent with the help of zips, thus providing an extra exit for you. As for the style of the tent, it is of 2-hoop bivy style, and looks like a tunnel (21.33 square foot area). As for the structure of the tent, it is designed with a fiberglass shock-corded frame (6,3mm). As for the tent fly, it is attached to it, and can easily be rolled back and again put in its place without any difficulties at all. Other worth mentioning points are the nylon pole sleeves of the tent that make the tent installation so easy and simple, the 3 storm guyouts set on the tent fly, 2 pockets for your storage, and 1 flashlight loop. As for the inner room of the tent, the central height is 38 inches. Finally, here we have some other helpful notes for you to take them into consideration. These are both positive and negative reviews and remarks made by those people who have already used the Eureka Solitaire tent, and wish to share the obtained experience with you.


Well, one of the customers says he has installed the tent alone at a snowy and stormy night, and it has taken him just a meanwhile to finish the installation. Another user finds the tent perfect for it has no leaking or pole problems at all. The poles are fine and have enough strength to stand severe winds and pouring rains. He says 4 stakes will do, without the need to have some extra ones. Moreover, you'll have incredible sensations right under the sky if you leave the rainflap unzipped: As the buyers confirm, the ventilation is great as well. One of the users says he has practiced this fine tent on the edge of Death Canyon in awful weather, and has had no problems at all. Another customer says he has used it in North GA, in snowfalls (even a branch fell on him one night), but the tent served excellently. Others are so much happy with the mesh roof that enables them to stare at the starry sky. Another great feature is that, when being packed, the tent is so compact to be carried without any inconveniences.


A user says it's not comfortable to get dressed under the tent. One of them says it would be perfect if the tent were 4 inches higher, and that one must practice a bit how to get into and out of the tent. Another buyer says sometimes you need to sit up, but it's just impossible, and also it's bad to have your hair in a mess. Finally, a customer says the tent causes some difficulties at rocky places, where there isn't enough soil to make the stakes stable. Besides, there is no gear storage, and the vestibule is low.  

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