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Thanks to the structure and design, North Face Phoenix 2 will be a perfect choice for you. This freestanding tent is feathery and spacious, so people have no inconveniences under the tent. The tent is made of the DryWall™ proprietary single-skin fabric, which is highly breathable and robust and is a perfect water repellent that keeps the tent dry in rainy weather. The DryWall is designed to be fire resistant, so you do not need to use some additional fire retardant; on the other hand, it also reduces the weight and increases the tent's sturdiness and the amount of fresh air under the tent. The tent has double doors and vestibules, making going in and out of the tent easy. You won't also lack space for your storage. The ventilation is high-low and cross ventilation, aimed at eliminating moisture and preventing interior condensation. The vestibules have high vents that can be closed, and you can also create a vent at the bottom of the rainfly door, thus improving air circulation. Thanks to pole twist clips, you'll have no difficulties when putting up the tent. So, the tent comes with anodized DAC Featherlite® NSL poles and reverse-combi poles that can change the arcs to make the walls more straightforward. As a result, you also get a broader and more comfortable space under the tent. Near the vestibule, on each side of the tent, you can also see polyurethane windows through which light will slip into the tent and provide you with a look over the surroundings. If you have a headlamp, you can easily hang it from the loop. You can use the stuff sacks if you need to organize your stuff. Moreover, you'll have DAC stakes and tighteners as well. Now, we suggest you read about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the tents under discussion. According to our customers, the positive features of the North Face Phoenix 2 tents are the availability of all necessary poles, stakes, sacks for stuff, and tighteners, the weight, the simplicity of installation, the excellent waterproof qualities (can stand heavy rains easily), the fact of being condensation free, spaciousness, and many others. All the users are delighted with the guylines. As another user says, they stayed under the tent with two people and could sit up without bending; they were also able to read and dress with no discomfort. The tent is smooth. The zippers operate faultlessly; the reflective guylines are perfect in the dark. As for the negative features, one of the customers says he has faced some condensation, and water drops from the ceiling. As compared with a double-wall tent, the breathability is low. Finally, it's quite uncomfortable to have mesh up to the ground, especially if there is sand around you.

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