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Looking for a solo backpacking tent that is lightweight and compact, but still provides ample space for comfortable camping? Look no further than the MSR Hubba. At just 17 sq ft, the MSR Hubba is designed to maximize interior space without adding extra weight. It's easy to set up and take down, making it a great option for backpackers who need to move quickly from one campsite to another. And with its tall peak height, campers can sit up and move around with ease. The MSR Hubba is also built to withstand the elements. Its high-tech nylon rainfly can withstand even heavy rains, and the tent's stay-dry technology keeps water out even when the door is open for ventilation. The tent is also coated with silicon and polyurethane, making it more resistant to UV rays and other environmental factors. While the MSR Hubba is certainly durable, it's not completely immune to the forces of nature. Some users have reported that the tent can be vulnerable to strong winds, and there are no guy lines included in the package. However, for those looking for a lightweight and versatile solo tent, the MSR Hubba is an excellent choice. In conclusion, the MSR Hubba is a great choice for solo backpackers who want a tent that is lightweight, easy to set up, and provides ample space for comfortable camping. Although there is still room for improvement, its high-tech features and resistance to the elements make it a reliable and durable option for any camping trip. It is also not an all-season tent, meaning you can’t take it with you when you want to camp out during certain seasons – winter or autumn to be specific. The bug netting allows too much of the chilly wind in and you’ll be left a little frozen if you use this while the wind and the weather is cold. However, if you are one to plan backpacking activities during summer alone, then MSR Hubba might just be for you.

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