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The MSR Hubba Hubba is a popular two-person backpacking tent that is designed to be lightweight and compact while still providing ample space and comfort for campers. The tent weighs only four pounds and is very easy to assemble, even for those with no prior experience. The tent has a peak height of 40 inches and provides 29 square feet of interior space and 43 cubic feet of tent volume, making it roomy enough for even taller campers to sit up and move around comfortably. The Hubba Hubba is designed to provide comfort without sacrificing portability. It can accommodate fully-stretched adults and has enough space to store luggage and equipment, with two independent vestibules for extra storage. The tent also features large dual-side doors that separate the sleeping areas for added privacy. The tent is also designed to protect campers from the elements. It comes with a rainfly that provides solid protection against hail and pouring rain, and a pole that funnels water away from the tent. The tent floor is water-resistant and will keep moisture out even during heavy rain. Overall, the MSR Hubba Hubba is a great backpacking tent for those who want a lightweight and compact option that still provides ample space and comfort, as well as protection from the elements. If there’s something that this needs some improvement on, however, it would be the number of guy lines available on the tent. Guy lines are useful when encountering strong winds so a small number of it would mean less protection. The tent itself can hold out, but there should be added safety measures because this protection is not as strong as we would want it to be. Still, for all its advantages, the MSR Hubba Hubba is certainly a commendable backpacking tent.

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